Sciatic Pain Relief in Savannah and Pooler GA

Sciatic pain can be anything from just a nuisance to a debilitating pain. It can also be caused by many different things, which is why it’s also best to have a doctor diagnose the cause. We are going to take a look at some of the most common causes and what you can do to find relief from your sciatic pain.

By far, the most common cause of sciatic pain is a tight or spasm’d piriformis muscle. This muscle acts as a pelvic stabilizer, assists in abduction of the leg and leg rotation. The sciatic nerve can get compressed and pinched by this muscle, when the muscle gets too tight. This muscle tension can be caused by many things, the most usual of which is spending too much time sitting; such as sitting at a computer all day or taking frequent, long road trips. This muscle tension can also be caused by problems in the lower back, poor posture, an abnormal gait due to another injury, sitting with your legs crossed, exercising without stretching, etc. When you visit our clinic, we can help determine if this is the cause of your sciatic pain and can help you identify and correct the underlying cause of the muscle tension.

The following stretches are good for relieving tension or spasm of the piriformis muscle, and in many cases can relieve your sciatic pain: (It is always best to come in, so we can make sure you are doing the stretches correctly)