Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash treatment in Savannah GA

We have treated many hundreds of whiplash injuries. We are experts in whiplash treatment and have specialized equipment specifically for treating these injuries and rehabilitating the neck (cervical spine) to its original health and curvature.

The injury itself is non-specific, so it can mean something different in two different people. Typically, it involves an injury to either the muscles, tendons, ligaments or discs, or a combination thereof. As there is a vast network of ligaments and muscles, an individual exam is necessary to determine the specific injury, the extend of the injury, and the correct course of treatment needed.

The appropriate chiropractic treatment is unique to each injury and is directed at the primary dysfunctions detected during the chiropractic exam.

Treatment can include, but not limited to:

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Muscle relaxation and/or stimulation
  • Various exercises
  • Ergonomic and lifestyle changes
  • Traction

The primary treatment for joint dysfunction, spinal manipulation. You can read more about spinal manipulation HERE. <READ MORE>

The primary treatment for related muscle dysfunction, muscle relaxation and/or stimulation consist of gentle stretches to the muscle that has excessive tension or electric muscle stimulation, by means of a specialized electrical device that gently applies a non-painful electrical current to the muscle to cause a relaxation effect of that muscle.

We use specialized exercise equipment for strengthening the injured muscles and correcting the loss of curvature that is common in most whiplash injuries.

We also look at factors in an individual’s work, home or recreational activities that perpetuate the dysfunctions that result from the whiplash accident. By identifying and avoiding or modifying activities that can continually aggravate your injury, you will heal faster and more completely from your injury.

Hiring a personal injury attorney may be a good idea to help make sure you are able to get the care you need, if you are not at fault. Make sure to consult our blog on choosing a good one. Click Here to read it.

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